Why I Never Gave Up on Blake Swihart

All season long, people have continued to complain about the roster spot of Blake Swihart, including when Hanley Ramirez was released, and everyone questioned why Swihart still had a role on the roster. I however, was relieved that we did not move on from Swihart. At no time have I lost hope in Swihart, ask anyone that I have had a conversation with about the Sox this season. The skill has always been there, while opportunity unfortunately has not been until recently.

Once Christian Vazquez went down, it pretty much forced the hand of the staff to play Swihart at his natural position of catcher to rest Sandy Leon. And when opportunity arises, Swihart seems to take it with stride. While his season stats are nothing to write home about, his past 15 games certainly are. In his last 15, Swihart is hitting .424 in 33 AB, with 1 HR, 3 RBI and a phenomenal 1.122 OPS. Opportunity. That is all it takes for talent to finally be shown.

The ability Swihart has being a natural athlete makes him a valuable piece to any baseball team, even if people doubted it for a while there. And I feel, last night it made people realize who Blake Swihart is:

A long game, a fun game, and a fantastic finish, courtesy of Blake Swihart. There actually isn’t a hotter hitter on the team than Swihart, and while I don’t want to be the one I told you so, I did. I never gave up on the guy because there is a reason he was the top prospect at one time for the Sox, and he was also a top 10 prospect in all of baseball as well. The speed he has for a catcher is unmatchable, the hitting prowess that he does contain is finally coming to the diamond, and people are finally becoming believers of Blake Swihart.


I believe in Blake Swihart, now you should too.


– Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports

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