Trubisky, Da Bears set to make “Huge Turnaround” this Season

Does anyone remember when the Chicago Bears gave QB Mike Glennon a chance to be a starting QB by signing him to a deal that would have him replace Jay Cutler as the franchise QB? Well that was a funny joke, huh? First off, no one replaces the star of his own wife’s TV Show, Jay Cutler. Second, Mike Glennon pretty much signed a contract then a few months later, the Bears traded up to the number two position in the 2017 NFL Draft to take Tar Heels QB Mitchell Trubisky and officially make him the future of Da Bears. After year one, there had to be concerns, except the fact that now former Head Coach John Fox stunk and didn’t know what to do because he is simply out of touch. Now, a new regime has been put in place with the replacement of Fox with new Head Coach Matt Nagy, who was the Offensive Coordinator for the past three seasons of the Chiefs, and a completely renovated offense that should be a force this coming season, setting up Mitch to shine.


Remember Allen Robinson? The stud WR of the Jaguars who tore his ACL last season and missed it all? Well he has now joined the Bears to become the top weapon of Mitchy. They also added athletic TE Trey Burton who is in line to get his first starting job with the 4 year contract he signed. And finally, Taylor Gabriel joined the team, putting together a talented offense, and giving a feel of Rams revamp like last season, adding all these young parts and having a RB like Jordan Howard there to dominate. This turnaround is definitely real for the Bears, with an impressive defense already in place, and this impressive offense at least on paper, expect a big season for Chicago.


But, before we can give them the benefit here, the success of this team will come down to the offense. Trubisky has to show improvement this season with his new weapons, a hopeful chemistry between him and his pass catchers, and an overall ability to lead a major team like the Bears. I really do believe that Allen Robinson could have a big-time season if he is able to be on the same page with Mitch. Let us remember, Robinson had his biggest season with the incredibly inconsistent Blake Bortles, and if we are being real, Trubisky has a real chance to be a lot better than Bortles. In his healthy 2015 season, Robinson put together an elite one. 80 catches for 1400 yards and a league leading 14 TDs. Oh, and he was able to do this:


And this:


Guy is a star when healthy. And while I can keep telling you about the new weapons, let us not forget about the two backfield weapons who will certainly get more playing time this coming season in as many ways as possible. RBs Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen forms a new dynamic backfield duo. With the dynamic shiftiness of Cohen and the overall power and elite running ability of Howard, they must become a strong duo to help the Bears win football games. In both of his first two seasons, Jordan Howard has ran for over 1,000 yards. That is not a statistic to overlook, yet he must find the endzone much more than previous seasons. Look at what he can do when given the ball. (and this isn’t even for a good team like they may be this season):


And for Cohen, he just has to get looks. Coach Nagy must be creative with him to see success for the Bears. The first few weeks, Cohen lit the league on fire, but then he seemed to be forgotten on the offensive side of the ball. He was the first rookie back to get a lot of recognition and then just fell off. But he needs to have the ball in his hands to not fall. Because when he does, he is absolutely dynamic:


And with the defense being led by DE Akiem Hicks and S Adrien Amos. This defense is a look at the hard hitting one that they had a few seasons ago, and the addition of LB Roquan Smith with the 8th pick in the draft, it makes Bears fans finally believe that not only is a big step for this team happening, but a chance to find a wild card spot. Exciting young teams make the league so fun, example the Rams last year, who were one of the most fun teams to watch. The Bears have now become my choice to do that this season, making them the official top team of my “Edwards’ Teams to Watch this Season”, which will be coming to you closer to the season.


Which brings me to the question, do you think the Bears can make the big step this season? Or does Mitch and Co. not have it in them?


Let us know!


-Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports

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