MLB Deadline Frenzy: Archer, Dozier, Ramos, Schoop, and Pham among names Traded on Final Day; Harper stays put

Alrighty, the MLB Trade Deadline was pretty exciting today if I do say so myself. And as I fill in for the usual baseball writer, I will go in order of the big time deals that went down since Ian Kinsler last night!

First off, Bryce Harper will remain with the Washington Nationals despite being a free agent at season’s end. Nats still believe they have a chance.

Now on to the real deals.


Reliever Keone Kela will now become the Pirates set up man as they remain in the hunt for a playoff spot being just 3.5 GB in a season that no one expected them to truly compete. The combination of Kela and Vazquez give them two players with a combined ERA of around 3.10, while combining for 47 saves as well. This was an interesting move due to the fact no one would know if they would be buyers or sellers.

Rating: A-


This deal comes as a surprise due to the fact that Tommy Pham was a phenomenal player just last season for the Cardinals. However, after some frustration on both sides, it seems as though that this would not work out well in the end. Pham had a 11th place finish for the MVP last year, and while that is not much to write about, he had a great year batting .306 and totaling over 20 HR and SBs. This season, he is struggling, but the Rays were able to buy low here and get them a good core piece for their rebuild.

Rating: B, however could turn out really well.


This is bit of a minor deal that gives the Cleveland Indians a platoon for center field as Martin has been great against righties all season long, while Rajai Davis thrives against lefties. This deal should set them up real nice for the post season in all aspects of their team.

Rating: C, Doesn’t shake up the team but gives them a consistent outfield for the season


Can confirm that the Diamondbacks have completed the trade to bring back Brad Ziegler to the team. In his last 28 appearances, Ziegler has a 0.64 ERA and is now a very big piece for the Diamondbacks to add as they continue forward on a hopeful playoff spot. The submariner is a solid addition to the back end of the Diamondbacks bullpen, could very much be in line to be the setup guy for the time being.

Rating: B+

The CF Cameron Maybin has been a solid player in his long career. Maybin isn’t have his absolute best season, but gives the Mariners a solid CF now that Dee Gordon will be playing second base more often than not due to Cano being ineligible for a possible playoff run. Maybin has become a solid fixture in the league, and with career numbers of a .255 BA and being a solid fielder, this should work out well for the playoff push. Mariners made a lot of moves going in.

Rating: C+


This is a big time move for the Phillies, adding the AL All-Star to their team for essentially nothing it feels. Ramos has been fantastic this season in his first season truly back from injury, swinging .297 with 14 HR and 53 RBI. His .834 OPS and 2.4 WAR is also a big get for the Phillies. Getting a catcher who can also swing the bat this well means a lot for a team, giving them an edge going forward.

Rating: A, best deal so far


To answer the Phillies, the Braves decided to bolster their rotation by acquiring the RHP for a chance to make it back to the playoffs. While his numbers are nothing to jump up and down for, a WAR of 2.3 and an middle-to-end of the rotation numbers all season long gives the Braves another inning eater who could be crucial down the line for them.

Rating: B-, could become even better if he continues his ways and improves.


BLOCKBUSTER: This trade was the biggest to this moment, as Dozier, a former All-Star and Gold Glover, has been a prolific offensive player for the Twins in past seasons, involving his past three seasons where he has hit 28, 42, and 34 HRs. Dozier now joins a lineup that needed some help even though they have studs all throughout. The players they sent were not too hurtful to their roster, and this betters them for the long run adding such a big time player. First Machado, now Dozier, this was surely a great deadline for the Dodgers, as they look to get hot for the playoff run.


BLOCKBUSTER: A huge trade went down right before the deadline, as the Pittsburgh Pirates went all in this deadline, adding Kela earlier on and now Chris Archer. Archer has been an ace for the Rays for a while now. He has been a strikeout machine for the Rays, however he hasn’t always been the best version of Archer we would expect. Yet, the Rays managed to acquire OF Austin Meadows who has been fantastic in his time in the big leagues, and also got a pitcher in Glasnow who may be able to adjust now on a new team. Chris Archer comes with an more than just the rest of this season, making it an overall valuable trade for the Rays. Pirates look to storm their way into the playoffs with these two moves.


The final big time trade of the day involves the Brewers once again adding an infielder. The Brewers have been all in on making the playoffs this season, and with adding Mike Moustakas and now Jonathan Schoop means that they certainly mean business. Schoop hit 32 HR last year and drove in 105 RBI, and while he has struggled this year, you can’t blame him considering how bad the Orioles have been all season. This gives Schoop a chance to play for a real time team.


And this caps off a big time Trade Deadline for the MLB, and now expect some deals to happen through the waiver process.


Regardless, who do you think made the best deal today? Worst?


Let us know!!!


-Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports

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