What if I told you the Top 3 in the AL MVP Race were all Red Sox?




Then everyone else. (yes, including the guy with a fish for a last name)

So often in sports it feels we are told about Big 3’s, mostly in basketball, however, in that sport, they don’t all dominate the position statistically. Usually one does really well, the other does solid, and the third’s stats falter a bit but they are still an All-Star. Well in baseball, that is a completely different story.

Mookie Betts since the beginning of the season has been absolutely out of this world. Last night, in a rain out, he hit is 25th homerun which now is null and void which is really dumb, and that game should just continue from when it started but whatever. But he also is batting .349, which leads the entire MLB and has pretty much since game one of the seasons. As a fellow writer Scott Neville said in his “Mookie is better than Trout” blog, Mookie has simply been above and beyond everyone in the MLB this season, including Mike Trout. 84 games, 114 hits, 25 doubles, 3 triples, 25 HR (yes I am counting this), 55 RBI, 47 BB, 18 SB, a whopping .349 AVG, and an OPS of 1.098 which leads the league. Mookie is playing at another level that very few has before him. The fact that he also does it on the field is absolutely incredible. LOOK:

Fine, we can watch him hit too:


But you see what I am saying, right? This Red Sox team is absolutely incredible, and Mookie isn’t the only one supplying that boom and pop.

February 19th, 2018. The day that the Red Sox finally got JD Martinez. Oh, and how great it has been since. The All-Star game starting DH has been the best signing for any team after this offseason. He somehow became a bargain when you look at the 5 year, $110 million deal that he had signed for. A year after the Red Sox leader in HR had a total of 24, JD has already hit 31, and if you didn’t know, there is still plenty of baseball to be played. In his first season so far in Boston, he has become a fan favorite, hitting HR’s left and right (literally because he has power to all fields). A stat line of .322, with a league leading 32 HR, league leading 86 RBI, and an OPS of 1.029, Martinez has substantially surpassed everyone’s predictions. If this was his first seasons stats with the Sox, I don’t think you could find anyone upset. But yet, there is still about 40% left meaning Martinez gets to up the totals more and more and more. How fun. It is pretty cool to see a two headed machine in the lineup again, and the fact they may be the top two in the MVP race is even better!

Straight Center

While two MVP candidates are good, three is even better!

Chris Sale has been the best pitcher in baseball. Not deGrom, not Schrezer, not Kershaw, not Severino, but Christopher Allen Sale has been. And every start, the (new nickname alert) Flame Throwing Psycho has gotten better and better… and better. His statistics are actually disgusting. The Psycho has pitched to a record of 11-4 (fair chance his losses are bologna), with an AL-Leading (2nd in the MLB) ERA of 2.13, a league leading 197 SO because he doesn’t enjoy watching people hit baseballs (rude), a 2nd placed WHIP of 0.87, and finally, opponents cannot touch him, having a .180 AVG against the man. I was always told that you could never miss Pedro’s starts when he was on the Sox, and I always wanted to know how it felt to see someone else do that in the Sox uniform. Sure, Lester was great and all, but I could miss some. Beckett was really good too, but again, eh. But then we signed David Price! Nope, I could miss some of those now. But since the Red Sox acquired Chris Sale, it has dramatically changed. And this season, he is even better than last. He even has started three straight All-Star games!!! Don’t believe me? Watch this.

Silly Goose, You Can’t Hit That
Oh Have Mercy

There, now you know I am right.

But to think that the AL MVP race is now between the Boston Red Sox is great, and it makes me wonder if they watch each other and say “well you just took the best chance” or “ha, now I will get the shiny award”. It is all nice to think, but it is even better to witness.


Baseball is awesome this year, and the Dirty Water has something extra in it after all.


Thank you for reading, please share, give your thoughts, and all that stuff!


– Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports

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