Where is Dez?

At one time the most dominant red zone threat due to his physicality and ability to rise over a defensive back, Dez Bryant was let go by the Cowboys early this offseason, and since then… literally nothing. Like not even a peep. This guy hasn’t signed with anyone. I don’t even think he has spoken to anyone within the last 2 months. He has gone incognito since telling the Ravens no thanks to a multi-year deal and he wants to prove himself more than anything. But why is no one taking a chance on this man? WHY!!!


This man can jump over human beings, or shall I say… “RISE UP”:


He can make any QB look better than he should:


And he can BLOW by everyone on the football field:



What did Dez do? Sure, he has been relatively bad with Dak Prescott at QB, but that is because they never developed a good chemistry together which absolutely stinks. He is at the point that he wants to prove everyone wrong with a one year prove it deal. It seems as though people are forgetting that just two seasons ago he scored 8 TDs, and had TD amounts of 12, 13, and 16 in consecutive years.


Dez still has something in him, and the possible options for him seem pretty clear. It seems as though he may want to be with a top QB, so look no further than the Packers, who moved on from Jordy Nelson this offseason, the Patriots, because that would be awesome, and they have Tom Brady, and the Seahawks, because a combination of Doug Baldwin, Brandon Marshall, and Dez Bryant with Russell Wilson at the helm would be so fun to watch for the league. Regardless, there is a place in this league for Dez Bryant, some place needs him because he simply makes your football team and offense better as a unit.


I just want this guy to sign.


Where do you think Dez will end up? Let me know!


– Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports

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