Boston’s Brightest – Top 5 Players Under 25 who could see their Number Retired Someday

With all these articles I have been writing, and not having to cover baseball too much, it leaves me at a point where I feel as though I just have to come up with something fun and interesting. Well this may be the easiest one I have ever thought of. Boston Sports are enriched with young talent who could all be superstars someday, making Boston have hope for the present and the future. So why not do a list? It is fun to think that Boston has five legitimate guys who are under the age of 25 who can be remembered forever in the city of Boston, becoming all-time greats and possibly getting their number retired someday. So, let us get started!


  1. Celtics G Jaylen Brown

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Five

Jaylen Brown gets the 5th spot, not because of the skill and potential that he contains, but because he just more than likely will not be better than the men remaining. When I said enriched, I really meant it. Jaylen Brown was the 3rd Overall pick by the Celtics in the 2016 NBA Draft. Since then, Brown has become a crowd favorite with his explosive athleticism, ability to grow more and more every game, and all-around ability on the court. While at times he shows his age, the 21 year old Guard has developed into a player who many see as a future All-Star. His improved jump shot, ability to play defense, and explosiveness that allows him to get the Garden on their feet. While this Garden stud is just five, another Garden stud may have his jersey retired in Black and Gold someday.


  1. Bruins F David Pastrnak

David Pastrnak

After another incredible season, I am probably getting looked at like I have seven heads, however where Pasta ranks has nothing to do with his incredible scoring ability game in and game out, but it has to do with consistency. Pastrnak plays a position where he has to be consistent year after year if he wants to become one of the greatest Bruins to ever take the ice. This past season, Pasta took it to another level, putting up his best career point total with 80 in 82 games. He scored 35 goals while assisting on 45 others. Now people may yell at me for this rating, just because of how beloved Pasta truly is in Boston, and he may be the most proven one so far on this list at the young age of 22, but there are still three guys I think have more potential to see their number retired as Boston’s brightest. And the next one on the list also wears Black and Gold.


  1. Bruins D Charlie McAvoy

Tampa Bay Lightning v Boston Bruins

With an article to look forward to soon, I look to go much more in-depth on the player who I think is now the Bruins Franchise player. Charlie McAvoy stormed onto the scene for the 2016-17 playoffs when the Bruins were down to pretty much no one. He proved himself then when he showed maturity at such a young age. And the 20 year old defenseman not only grew as a player in his first full season but became the Bruins best defenseman in his first season. While an injury sidelined him for 19 games, McAvoy was nothing short of a stud all season long. In 63 games played, Charlie scored 7 goals while adding 25 assists for a solid 32 points, however his impressive defensive abilities were much more important than his point totals. He had a +/- of 20. In the playoffs, he became the defenseman who averaged around 25 min per game. Charlie has quickly become one of the players in Boston who you can only see success for in the future. And at the incredibly young age of 20, I give him the spot over Pastrnak because he is only going to get so much better, defensively and offensively. Not only does he have future Norris Trophies in his future, but he also has a Stanley Cup in his future. Yet, Boston is so enriched in young talent that he ranks just third. The next option returns to the other Garden team.


  1. Celtics F Jayson Tatum


S-T-U-D. While I will admit I am not the biggest NBA fan (as of late especially), I really enjoyed the Celtics season and playoff run this past season. And the main force came in the way of Jayson Tatum. Tatum was incredible in his rookie season, showing signs of pure dominance and even more signs of being an absolute superstar in the future. And what showed all of this more was when Kyrie Irving went down, and the Celtics needed to play that playoff push. No one, including myself, believed that the Celtics could make a deep run. They lost Hayward and Irving, and I don’t know if I could truly see Tatum making such a big step so early in his young career. He became “The Guy” when the Celtics needed a bucket. Tatum became a guy that makes me want to believe that the entire NBA isn’t crooked and there is a possibility that someone not named the Warriors could possibly win the Finals. Tatum managing to average 18 points in the playoffs and being in his rookie season just makes me think that this guy is going to be the next Super-Celtic player. Paul Pierce had his number retired this past season, and now I am ready for Tatum to be an absolute superstar for the Celtics. However, he doesn’t get number one because the best under-25 player in Boston who can see his number retired is currently on the best team in Boston.


  1. Red Sox OF Andrew Benintendi


Andrew Benintendi is awesome. He is just so good at baseball. At the young age of 24, Benny has one of the most beautiful swings in all of baseball and is already one of the best players in baseball. While he was screwed over of being in the All-Star game this season, Benny has all the potential to be an MVP in this league. When Mookie Betts was out earlier in the season, Benny stepped up big time after struggling earlier on. His statistics now sit at a fantastic .297 with 14 HR, 57 RBI, and 17 SB. I won’t bore you with all of the slugging and on-base percentages, but I will tell you that Benny is showing the ability to be a Triple Crown someday, and one of the best Sox if he stays with it. Now, all of these players on this list could be affected by not staying with the team and moving somewhere else, but I can’t say I remember a player in Red Sox history who was homegrown and caught the eye quicker than Andrew Benintendi has. If it was because of his look, his ability, or some type of combination, Benny Biceps is a player to stay. When the Red Sox eventually move on from JBJ, Benintendi will have his official position of CF locked up and become one of the best in Red Sox history. The ability he already contains, while being a Boston favorite, seems like the perfect combination to see his number in right field someday. Benny takes the cake on my Boston’s Brightest stars list, he will be a Red Sox 4 life and 16 could be immortalized someday as well.

Well there you have it. My opinion on the Boston’s Brightest young stars, who I think will be forever remembered here in Beantown, and exactly what makes me think this way.


I hope you all enjoyed and also consider sending in your own list of who you think has the potential to be the next Boston great when it is all said and done.


– Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports Nation

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