Le’Veon Bell is Ready to Move on and Ball Out

I feel like if you follow the NFL in anyway, you may already know about Le’Veon Bell and the Steelers trying to work out an extension. It feels as though they have been trying to do so for a decade, and last season, it resulted in Bell sitting out all of training camp and the preseason. Now, going into the extension deadline yesterday, it sounded as though they could hammer out a deal in the final hour. Well, it didn’t, and the aftermath wasn’t pretty for the future of the Steelers.



What were the Steelers thinking? They have the pound-for-pound best RB on their entire roster in Bell, he manages to be the security blanket for Ben, has the ability to carry the ball 300+ times and touch the ball over 400 times a season. Le’Veon should be payed for what he puts together on the field, not just as a running back. When it comes to this argument, it is hard to side with the Steelers due to the fact he has stated what he has wanted and continues to prove it on the field.


What has become a problem for a lot of fans is thinking that Bell may sit out for half the season, except it seems he laid that to rest quick:



It makes you sad to think how much he truly loves playing for the Steelers, but he feels he will have to move on because he is treated so poorly when it comes to the extension. But what is the most intriguing on this tweet is that Bell promised everyone he is going to absolutely ball out because he wants to prove the Steelers wrong more than ever. It makes you wonder what possible numbers we could see come next season because he is the type of player who can prove others wrong and dominate. You should never piss your stars off, proving that the Steelers front office is completely wrong and the man that calls himself “Juice” is going to ball out this upcoming season.


It was reported today that Bell was offered $70 Million, which is huge for a running back, but Bell knows his value and sees bigger things for himself. He will be betting on himself huge this season, but it is a bet that he can control and conquer in the end. when you can legitimately be looked at as a top 5 RB and top 10 WR, it is time for you to get that respect.


Bell is going to be a force of nature this coming season, and the fact he will not be sitting out means even more. Not only do I expect him to now be the best RB in the entire NFL this season, but also compete at such a high level that he is in the MVP conversation as well.


Which side are you on? Bell or the Steelers?


I am with Bell.


Let me know!!!

– Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports

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