Jacob deGrom’s time in New York may be coming to an end

Jacob deGrom would be the hottest commodity on the trade block should the Mets decide to deal him. deGrom is 5-4 with a 1.68 ERA (1st in MLB), 123.1 IP (4th in NL) 149 Ks (2nd in NL) .202 BA Against (4th in NL) 0.97 WHIP (2nd in NL). deGrom has had an unbelievable career year but is stuck on a dumpster fire of a Mets baseball team. Ken Rosenthal dropped some news about the situation:

It seems like deGrom’s camp is ready to find a resolution to this problem. deGrom did mention retiring a Met, which I find nuts and there appears to be no deal imminent. I’m not sure what deGrom himself really wants, his contract isn’t up for two more seasons making his request of a “long-term partnership” odd, it does not make sense to talk extension this early for either side. The team is not going anywhere so Jake should move on from the struggling Mets to a contender. If deGrom does move on, we should have serious trade rumors coming very soon.

Scott Neville – Head Baseball Writer – WTF Sports


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