Neville’s 10-Team 7 Round Fantasy Half-PPR Mock Draft 1.0

  1. RB Le’Veon Bell – ADP 2 – Team 1

Le’Veon Bell has been the best Running Back in football for years. He is electric with the ball and has the largest guaranteed workload in football as the lead RB in a Mike Tomlin offense. He led the league in carries (321) by a large margin while missing a game in 2017. He also had 85 receptions which was 10th in the NFL for any position, 1st of all RBs. He is a PPR Machine and the best offensive weapon in football. His only downsides are his risk of injury and two previous suspensions. There is no player in the game more fun to watch play knowing he is on your fantasy team because he gets the ball seemingly every play and always does something with it.

Image result for leveon bell2. RB Todd Gurley – ADP 1 – Team 2 Opportunity and talent are the two most important factors for a successful season in Fantasy Football. Todd Gurley has both. Gurley had 279 carries (4th in NFL) in 15 games. He also has the 8th highest yards per carry (4.7) in the league. Gurley is on a great offense run by the 2017 Coach of the Year in Sean McVay. He is the safest pick in the draft with little injury concern, guaranteed workload, and undeniable talent. The only negative for Gurley is that the Rams have the hardest strength of schedule in the league.

Image result for todd gurley3. RB Ezekiel Elliot – ADP 4 – Team 3

Elliot is one of the best downhill runners in the game. He had 242 carries in only 10 games. That is 24.2 carries per game, an absolutely insane clip. Drafting Zeke is the safest move you could make all draft. His guaranteed workload is unmatched by anyone not named Bell, with less injury concern. He should also make 35+ receptions. He is on a solid team with an offense built around him. Elliot led the league last season in rushing yards per game with 98.3. Bell and Gurley have more boom potential but also more bust potential.

Image result for ezekiel elliott4. WR Antonio Brown – ADP 5 – Team 4

Antonio Brown is the best Wide Receiver in football, and it isn’t even close. Brown has stood the test of time as the most consistent WR in fantasy for years. Last season Brown led the league with 1,533 yards. He also had 9 TDs to pair with that. You cannot take Brown too high. I have no problem with someone drafting Antonio with the first pick in the draft. He is by far the safest WR to draft and just about the safest pick of any player period.

Image result for antonio brown catch5. RB Alvin Kamara – ADP 6 – Team 5

This is a bit of a reach here with David Johnson on the board but it’s only July and I’m feeling bold. With Mark Ingram suspended for four games for abusing PED’s, Kamara will get almost all of the workload early on. This will give him a chance to faze Ingram out of the offense this season, something he will probably do regardless. Kamara is a true three-down back with 120 carries and 81 receptions last season. He had to break into the offense early but proved he could run the ball and should expect around 250 carries in 2018 to go along with 100+ targets in the air. Kamara is one of the most talented and versatile RBs in the world and has the same scheme and coach as last season. Great pick here at five.

Image result for alvin kamara6. RB David Johnson – ADP 3 – Team 6

Getting Johnson here at six would be a phenomenal value though he will not fall this far in most leagues. First off, watching David Johnson play is special. He is one of the most talented RBs in recent memory. He is not falling this far because of talent. He is falling purely because of his situation. The Cardinals have a brand-new head coach in Steve Wilkes, Offensive Coordinator in Mike McCoy, Quarterback in Sam Bradford/Josh Rosen and David Johnson is coming off a season long thumb injury that limited him to 11 rushes in 2017. Johnson is on a bad team with a situation that I have to see before I can fully get behind. Teams will stack the box knowing that Johnson is the only weapon the Cardinals have besides aging veteran Larry Fitzgerald.

See the source image7. RB Saquon Barkley – ADP 7 – Team 7

The Running Back barrage continues as we take the next rookie sensation at pick seven, right where his ADP projects. At this point in the draft, you have to take a shot on a guy that might be the best overall athlete in the NFL as far as a speed/power combo goes. Barkley has the instincts and vision to succeed at the next level. He also should have the keys to the castle handed to him with little competition for carries in the Giants typically underwhelming backfield.

Image result for saquon barkley giants8. WR DeAndre Hopkins – ADP 8 – Team 8

After a massive Running Back run it’s time to take value play here with DeAndre Hopkins. Last season, Hopkins had 1,378 receiving yards, 4th most in the league. Hopkins also led the league in Touchdowns with 13. His workload is ensured as he led the league in targets last season with 174. More importantly, Deshaun Watson will be returning from an ACL injury who really impressed last season. Watson flashed in 2017 and could support a WR1. His catch percentage is a little alarming but the reasoning behind that has to be his lack of quality QB play. Drafting Hopkins in the first gives Team 8 an advantage at the WR position with the option to get a solid RB at the turn.

See the source image9. WR Odell Beckham Jr. – ADP 10 – Team 9

Odell Beckham Jr. is typically chosen around pick five or six most years but has fallen after missing most of last season due to injury. Pair that with the acquisition of Saquon Barkley in the NFL Draft and we have a slight drop in Odell’s Average Draft Position. Beckham Jr. is a great value at pick nine as he is flat out one of the best athletes in the league. In his last healthy season Odell had 1,367 yards and 10 TDs. Grab Beckham Jr. with your first pick here and plug him in every week.

Image result for odell beckham jr catch10. RB Kareem Hunt – ADP 9 – Team 10

Kareem Hunt led the league in rushing yards last season with 1,327. He was fourth in yards per carry (4.9) and had 53 receptions for 455 yards (8.6 yards per carry). The only reason he isn’t higher on this list is due to his inconsistency last year. He has a ceiling as high as any on a weekly basis but can go dark for weeks at a time. Hunt is a great late first rounder but not the most reliable choice.

See the source image


From this point forward, I will address certain targets but will not go into detail on each player.

11. WR Julio Jones – ADP 13 – Team 10

For the first time in years Jones has fallen out of the first round in most drafts, averaging at pick 13. Julio’s drop was due to his lack of touchdowns (3). That said, Jones still had 1,444 yards, only trailing Antonio Brown. Yardage is more consistent year to year than touchdowns, and the Falcons are going into year two of their new scheme. The first year in a new scheme always causes abnormalities, which makes me feel like Jones will be a steal in the second round. Anyone should be thrilled with Hunt and Jones at the turn.

12. RB Melvin Gordon – ADP 11 – Team 9

Gordon had 284 carries which was third in the league last season. He also had 83 targets, 7th most of in the RB class. This makes him extremely dependable. He also had 1,581 all-purpose yards and 12 TDs. Absolute steal in the second round.

13. RB Leonard Fournette – ADP 12 – Team 8

Fournette ran for 1,040 yards in only 13 games as well as 36 receptions for 302 yards which is a nice way to boost his floor in PPR formats. Downhill runner who averages 20 carries a game and is a great second round pick to pair with DeAndre Hopkins.

14. WR Keenan Allen – ADP 16 – Team 7

People fear Allen because of his injury history. One thing we have never seen, Keenan Allen be bad on a football field. As long as he stays healthy he is a top receiver in any PPR format. Last year he caught 102 receptions (4th) for 1,393 yards (3rd). Allen is a steal in round two as I have no problem drafting him as high as pick seven or eight based on his ceiling.

15. WR Michael Thomas – ADP 15 – Team 6

Michael Thomas has a Hall of Fame QB in Drew Bree’s and the stats to make him a very safe pick in round two. Can I interest you in 1,245 yards (6th) in 104 receptions (3rd) and a (69.8%) catch rate (10th of WRs)? I think so.

16. RB Dalvin Cook – ADP 14 – Team 5

Cook is interesting because he tore his ACL which limited him to four games yet was able to show his star potential. He is the lead back on a team that should have a potent offense with Kirk Cousins throwing to Stephan Diggs and Adam Thielen that will lead to RedZone carries for Cook. He is also a great pass-catcher and will get consistent workload all season.

17. WR Devante Adams – ADP 19 – Team 4

Adams is Aaron Rodgers number one receiver. He had 885 yards and 10 TDs. Expect him to have double digit TDs in 2018 as well as at least 1,000 yards. Easy pick here at 17 to pair with Antonio Brown and create the best WR duo in this Fantasy League.

18. WR A.J. Green – ADP 18 – Team 3

A.J. Green has played five seasons in the NFL and has four 1,000 yard seasons. His only exception? 2016 where he played 10 games and missed the 1,000 yard mark by 36 yards. He is a consistent safe pick who racked up 1,078 yards last year with 8 TDs.

19. TE Rob Gronkowski – ADP 23 – Team 2

Gronk gives a team the biggest positional advantage over his opponent. His problem obviously is injury related. If Gronk could remain healthy he would be valued as a high first round pick. Gronkowski is the biggest boom or bust player in the league.

20. RB LeSean McCoy – ADP 22 – Team 1

McCoy has dropped to a great value here at 20 overall. Getting a safe dependable player before the turn is a great feeling. Plug McCoy in every week knowing he will approach 300 carries and still has the ability to break tackles and be elusive. He had 287 carries (2nd) in 2017 for 1,138 yards (4th). He also had 59 receptions for 448 yards. He is the only weapon in Buffalo and will get a similar workload this upcoming season.


21. WR Tyreek Hill – ADP 27 – Team 1

Team One already has Bell and McCoy making Wide Receiver is the obvious play here. I don’t love anyone here, but Hill has a ton of upside with Mahomes II ability to throw the deep ball.

22. RB Devonta Freeman – ADP 20 – Team 2

Freeman extremely talented and would be a borderline first round pick if wasn’t for his timeshare with Tevin Coleman. Regardless he is a great option to pair with Gurley with this pick.

23. RB Christian McCaffery – ADP 17 – Team 3

McCaffery is one of the most entertaining players in the NFL to watch. He is essentially a RB2 and WR2 at the same time. I love McCaffery and have no problem drafting him earlier.

24. TE Travis Kelce – ADP 26 – Team 4

Team Four already has two WRs and the remaining RBs would be a stretch so Kelce here is the right move. He is the safest Tight End in football and also has a high ceiling.

25. WR Doug Baldwin – ADP 31 – Team 5

This is a slight reach but Team Five has two RBs and needed a receiver. Baldwin has been a consistent solid WR1 over the last few years with Wilson to ensure his floor.

26. RB Joe Mixon – ADP 25 – Team 6

Mixon has a ton of upside and should get the keys to the backfield this season. Pairing Mixon with David Johnson is a lethal backfield with Michael Thomas as a WR1.

27. RB Jerick McKinnon – ADP 24 – Team 7

McKinnon had success late last season and became the lead back in San Francisco.

28. WR Mike Evans – ADP 21 – Team 8

Evans is a supremely talented athlete that is falling due to his situation. Winston is out three games and has shown an inability to get Evans scoring opportunities at times; ton of upside.

29. WR T.Y. Hilton – ADP 32 – Team 9

T.Y. Hilton is at the mercy of Andrew Luck. If Luck is back to his old self, Hilton is a borderline first round pick. Otherwise he will be inconsistent but should be a quality WR in PPR Formats.

30. RB Jordan Howard – ADP 28 – Team 10

Howard had 276 carries (4th), 1,122 rushing yards (6th), and 9 TDs (3rd). He’s an absolute steal this late and should be on everyone’s watchlist in the 3rd round.


  1. WR Josh Gordon – ADP 35 – Team 10
  2. Adam Theilen – ADP 29 – Team 9
  3. WR Stefon Diggs – ADP 34 – Team 8
  4. QB Aaron Rodgers – ADP 30 – Team 7
  5. TE Zach Ertz – ADP 33 – Team 6
  6. WR Amari Cooper – ADP 36 – Team 5
  7. RB Darrius Guice – ADP 38 – Team 4
  8. WR Larry Fitzgerald – ADP 37 – Team 3
  9. WR Allen Robinson – ADP 41 – Team 2
  10. QB Deshaun Watson – ADP 43 – Team 1

Round Four still has some serious firepower starting with star wideout Josh Gordon who should be a steal here. Cooper and Robinson are the only players I personally would avoid in this entire round due to some inconsistent play over the years. Overall great round.


  1. RB Derrick Henry – ADP 39 – Team 1
  2. RB Kenyan Drake – ADP 40 – Team 2
  3. RB Rashaad Penny – ADP 42 – Team 3
  4. RB Jay Ajayi – ADP 46 – Team 4
  5. WR Juju Smith-Schuster – ADP 44 – Team 5
  6. WR Demaryius Thomas – ADP 45 – Team 6
  7. WR Jarvis Landry – ADP 50 – Team 7
  8. RB Alex Collins – ADP 47 – Team 8
  9. QB Russel Wilson – ADP 51 – Team 9
  10. WR Brandin Cooks – ADP 49 – Team 10

Round Five saw a huge RB run of solid dependable RB2’s as well as a group of wideouts that have unlimited upside. I love the safety of the RB position and boom potential of the WRs. Juju Smith-Schuster and Jarvis Landry stand out to me the most as steals in this round.


  1. QB Tom Brady – ADP 55 – Team 10
  2. RB Sony Michel – ADP 53 – Team 9
  3. WR Golden Tate – ADP 48 – Team 8
  4. TE Evan Engram – ADP 59 – Team 7
  5. WR Alshon Jeffery – ADP 52 – Team 6
  6. RB Ronald Jones II – ADP 56 – Team 5
  7. QB Carson Wentz – ADP 60 – Team 4
  8. TE Jimmy Graham – ADP 57 – Team 3
  9. WR Marvin Jones – ADP 58 – Team 2
  10. RB Mark Ingram – ADP 54 – Team 1

Round Six was influenced heavily by roster construction with a lot of QBs and TEs coming off the board by this point. Evan Engram and Carson Wentz are the steal of positional needs. This is where I typically would get a value on a guy like Alshon Jeffery or Golden Tate as I tend to draft QBs and TEs late. However, most people wont do that so I drafted accordingly.


  1. TE Greg Olson – ADP 63 – Team 1
  2. WR Sammy Watkins – ADP 66 – Team 2
  3. WR Corey Davis – ADP 65 – Team 3
  4. RB Dion Lewis – ADP 61 – Team 4
  5. QB Cam Newton – ADP 64 – Team 5
  6. RB Lamar Miller – ADP 62 – Team 6
  7. RB Tevin Coleman – ADP 67 – Team 7
  8. TE Delanie Walker – ADP 72 – Team 8
  9. WR Julian Edelman – ADP 69 – Team 9
  10. WR Devin Funchess – ADP 70 – Team 10

Round Seven has a ton of value and upside with guys like Corey Davis, Sammy Watkins, Julian Edelman, and Devin Funchess going off the board. Edelman is a PPR nightmare for opponents and the others are boom or bust deep threats that may finally break out.


Team 1: RB Bell, RB McCoy, WR Tyreek Hill, QB D. Watson, RB D. Henry, RB Ingram, TE Olsen

Team 2: RB Gurley, TE Gronkowski, RB Devonta Freeman, WR A. Robinson, RB K. Drake, WR M. Jones, WR Watkins

Team 3: RB Elliot, WR Green, RB Christian McCaffery, WR Fitzgerald, RB R. Penny, TE Graham, WR C. Davis

Team 4: WR A. Brown, WR Adams, TE Travis Kelce, RB Guice, RB Ajayi, QB Wentz, RB Lewis

Team 5: RB Kamara, RB Cook, WR Doug Baldwin, WR Cooper, WR Smith-Schuster, RB Jones II, QB Newton

Team 6: RB D. Johnson, WR M. Thomas, RB Mixon, TE Ertz, WR D. Thomas, WR Jeffery, RB Miller

Team 7: RB Barkley, WR K. Allen, RB Jerick McKinnon, QB Rodgers, WR J. Landry, TE Engram, RB Coleman

Team 8: WR Hopkins, RB Fournette, WR M. Evans, WR Diggs, RB A. Collins, WR Tate, TE Walker

Team 9: WR Beckham Jr., RB Gordon, WR T.Y. Hilton, WR Thielen, QB Wilson, RB Michel, WR Edelman

Team 10: RB Hunt, WR J. Jones, RB Jordan Howard, WR J. Gordon, WR B. Cooks, QB Brady, WR Funchess

This Mock Draft turned out even better than I had hoped as most of these teams are balanced out. The mock showed that this year’s draft seems deeper than most. I think Team 10 was the strongest team with Teams 5, 6, and 7 in the conversation. Who do you think was the best team?

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