Bruins Top Priority: Move on from David Krejci

I feel this should have been their top priority for the past 5 years but it seems no one has truly made it heard in writing. So I am here to do so now! If the Bruins were to move on from David Krejci, the team would be able to better themselves largely moving forward.

I don’t know what it is about Krejci and why he seems to be a continuous favorite of the front office, but if he wasn’t a Bruin tomorrow, I would be like the reindeers and misfit toys and elves from Rudolph and celebrate with glee. I am thankful for all he did in effort to help bring the Cup to Boston in 2011, but I have grown sick more and more hearing the excuses everyone gives him.

“Well if we give him a winger that can score he would be back to the same old Krejci.” How many wingers do we have to give this guy to continuously be let down? I hear that Debrusk guy is pretty good. And the amount of times they put Pastrnak on that line just to realize maybe Nathan Horton and Milan Lucic made Krejci what he was, not the other way around. He needed the too rough and tough bodies to protect him. If you remember, we didn’t have to be be accustomed to “David Krejci will be out with an undisclosed injury”. Maybe it’s because those two beat the snot out of everyone and got in perfect position to score on a Krejci pass.

Now I’m not saying Krejci has zero skill or anything. He has great offensive abilities, mostly passing since his dumb ass never takes a shot when he’s wide open, but the man gets paid too much to be hurt and never put it all together every god forsaken year. The fact that he will be getting paid 7.5, 7.0, and 7.0 for the next three years irks me to no end. His point totals are not nearly close to what the should and could be. His injuries continue to rack up, and that is what scares me more and more when thinking we have to pay him the next three years. Everyone use to celebrate how he was so good in the playoffs, well guess what, 27 games, 14 points since the end of the 2013 Playoff run. If there is an opportunity to move on, DO IT.

Especially with the fact that earlier in the summer, there was very quiet rumors that someone may be interested in this overpaid, underperforming, sensitive Czech. I have come to the point that if we could get any value, I’d be happy. The Panthers have given interest, if somehow we could steal C Vincent Trocheck and they’d take on his contract, you can make me the number one fan on that bandwagon. I think we have hit the point where no one will disagree with me, and if they do, please explain.

Getting to the point where you are not shocked or concerned of a Krejci injury because they happen all the time should be the boiling point. Or maybe the fact that during the playoffs this past year, he made the top line do everything. Clearly I am just sick of Krejci, the one that should have been moved at his highest five years ago instead of got signed to a contract that he probably was like “you kidding? No? Okay deal 100%.” Sorry for the rant, but it is time to move on from Krejci. P.S. While I think he contains value, I’ve considered pushing for the buyout. I just don’t like this guy.

So, I ask, what are your feelings toward Krejci? Are you able to accept his underperformance on a yearly basis for the amount he’s paid? Or are you on the wagon that hopefully sends him to somewhere that isn’t Boston like I am?

Let me know!!!

– Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports

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