The Red Sox are reportedly in on Manny Machado

Yesterday the rumor mill was filled with talk of Machado to the Yankees. Ken Rosenthal got the people going, but I disputed that rumor with logic.

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Manny Machado is NOT Going to the Yankees:

The latest Machado rumor pulled in the largest city that has not come up yet, Boston. The Baltimore Sun’s Peter Schmuck reported that the Red Sox have “renewed interest” in Manny and have been in “recent contact” with the Orioles. Listen here Schmuck, the Red Sox do not have the room or the prospects to land Manny Machado. I said this about the Yankees and I’ll say it again, of course Dave Dombrowski checked in on Machado’s trade value. That is his job, it would be irresponsible to do otherwise. I bet that phone call lasted about three minutes and ended with “okay never mind just thought I’d make sure.”

Let’s look at our options here:

The Red Sox trade for less than half a season of Machado, give up Michael Chavis and Jay Groome in the process. Now the Red Sox gave a division rival their third-basemen of the future as well as the top pitching prospect in the Red Sox farm system. The only place to put Machado is at third base because Bogaerts is staying in the line-up and if he moves to third he may never get a base hit again. That moves Rafael Devers to the bench who is on fire lately. This transaction would stunt his growth and knock his confidence.


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My Guy Rafy Big Sticks Forgetting How to Release a Baseball Bat



The Red Sox grab a piece or two and keep their top prospects. The best team in baseball ensures that they will keep the best record in baseball by adding a solid reliever like Brad Hand or/and a quality second baseman like Whit Merrifield.

Now I would love to see Machado in a Red Sox uniform, but it just doesn’t make sense. The Red Sox would be giving up a ton and changing a whole lot for two months of a guy that’s about to get PAID by a team in need of a stellar shortstop this off-season.


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Machado Laying Out in the World Baseball Classic


The most likely scenario is Manny to the Brewers as of today. The Brewers want to make a package around OF prospect Brett Philips while the Orioles are targeting stud pitching prospect Corbin Burnes. One team will cave, most likely the Orioles and a trade will either get done, or fall through putting Manny on the west coast.

Scott Neville – Head Baseball Writer – WTF Sports

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