Jayson Tatum, Joel Embiid, and Mo Bamba Training Together is Electric

Basketball is hard to write about lately as the winner is decided before the season, making the whole point of the league fairly useless. That said, I did see one thing today that got me excited for the sport that Kevin Durant and Demarcus Cousins ruined. The YouTube Channel Pure Sweat Basketball released a video yesterday as part of a series called “Unseen Hours.” The video mainly features the trio I mentioned earlier as well as some other NBA player appearances. The full video can be seen right here:

My favorite line in the video was when Joel Embiid said: “My ball I just called it” and Tatum snaps right back saying “I beat you in the playoffs though” while smirking. You can hear the trainers laughing in the background which makes the video even better. Watching Embiid and Tatum go back and forth driving, shooting and talking smack was very entertaining. Seeing professional athletes develop their craft is something to pay attention too, especially when they highlight some of the more amusing players like Embiid. I don’t know how much I can force myself into the NBA next season, but the Celtics are fun to watch, and the NBA knows how to use drama to drive ratings.

Scott Neville – Interim Basketball Writer (Cause Nobody Cares) – WTF Sports 

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