Don’t Overthink It, Maple Leafs are Auston Matthews’ Team

It seems a lot of people are assuming that the Maple Leafs are now John Tavares’ team since he signed last week. There are reports of Tavares possibly receiving the “C” on his sweater this season, and while sure that makes sense, you drafted a guy to be your leader for the foreseeable future. C Auston Matthews is the present and the future of this team if you like it or not Toronto. Some reports came out that there would be a rift between Matthews and Tavares over that valued “C”, but Bobby Orr (yes, the Bobby Orr), who leads the agency that Matthews is apart of said that he would have no problem if they gave Tavares the captaincy over him.

Well that is awesome that there wouldn’t be a problem between them, because it shouldn’t even be a question who gets it. Auston Matthews should 150% be the Captain of this team if he is the leader that many say he is. They have invested two seasons now in him and he deserves to be THE Guy. He is the guy. Coming into thechin041618bruins-mapleleafs_spt6 draft, he was the American version of Connor McDavid in the idea of how highly touted he was leading up to the draft. He is absolute money, and I would go out on a limb to say he is already better than Tavares at the age of 20 years old. In his first season he was a 40 goal scorer, in his second season, he averaged just over a point per game. At the age of 19 and 20, this guy has been straight $$$. Put that “C” on him, Tavares should understand that he gets to live this dream, but Matthews is the top guy of this team.


Sure, people will disagree with me, but I am also the guy has been in favor of Patrice Bergeron getting the captaincy YEARS ago. To me, the homegrown type talent is more real than anything else. Matthews has been the guy in Toronto for two years, he is the one selling tickets, he is the one putting butts in seats, he is the one help leading them to the playoffs back to back years. Yeah, it is 100% a team sport, but you have to understand what he means to your fanbase and not to forget him, or he could be like Tavares and take off when his contract is eventually up. Loyalty comes first.


Some Leaf fans will more than likely want Tavares to be dawning that “C” for the next 8 years due to recency bias and the fact he is the new, interesting player in town, but I will not let people forget who Auston Matthews are. Yes, we know I am a Bruins fan, you may ask why I am backing a Toronto guy. Well because I am and have been a fan, he is part of this enriched class of American players who have come into the league in recent years, which makes everything far more exciting. You automatically feel connected to players like that when it comes to hockey, because you are so use to players who dominate this league being from Canada, but you feel far more attached when they grow and learn their skill in the USA.


This wasn’t a needed rant, but it was a statement that needed to be made. The appreciation of Auston Matthews after this Tavares trade must remain, considering he is still the face of that team, and probably played a big part in getting him there. I am just leading the wagon for Matthews, making sure that he receives the respect that he deserves in hope that the Maple Leafs feel the same way and give it to their top guy of his first two seasons.


What do you guys think? Should Matthews get the “C” on his sweater? Or do you think Tavares is the man that should dawn it due to age and the contract?


Let me know as always! Comments and likes would be pretty cool!


-Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports

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