Report: Montreal’s Pacioretty to be dealt; Deal Imminent

Ha. Haha. Hahaha. Ha. Hahahahaha. HA.


First PK Subban, now Max Pacioretty.


According to the Athletic, the Habs have informed Captain F Max Pacioretty that they will no longer look to extend him and prefer to trade him and will look to do so ASAP. Oh, boo who, the Canadiens don’t want to sign Pacioretty anymore because he wants money that he deserves. Oh, I am so hurt and sad to hear that. Pacioretty didn’t fit too well in Claude’s system, how am I not surprised. Maybe because the game is changing, and you have to adjust rather than continuously use the same system that got you fired from a team that is a lot better off without you, while you get to Montreal and ruin them. Don’t get me wrong, Julien did a lot of good here, he really did, but clearly there has to be something wrong with your system to make a consistent 60 plus point scorer who excels on both sides of the ice become a player that a franchise no longer wants to keep. A player they made their CAPTAIN.


In no way to I hate to see the fall of the Habs, who already stunk hard last season and have entered a point where they must rebuild with Carey Price in his prime, but now they look to move on from a player who the Habs faithful have learned to love. Watching a rival team fall like this is, well kinda great. What stinks on this one however is the idea that there is no way the Bruins can get him because I don’t think the Canadiens could swallow Pacioretty thriving on the Bruins.


Despite reports are that the Penguins could be the team, recent reports have stated they do not want to pursue him as of now. The four time 30+ goal scorer is now the second captain on the market following Erik Karlsson, giving two big time options after the initial beginning of the offseason. I am expecting teams who have missed out on C John Tavares and other free agents to try and acquire the winger.


The Sharks, Islanders, and Blues are all expected to be interested in getting Pacioretty’s talents.


Where do you think the Canadiens captain will go?


Let me know!


– Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports

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