Official: Ronaldo to Juventus

Yep, that’s right, the world’s most famous soccer (football; but I am not calling it that) player has officially been transferred from Real Madrid to Italy’s best club, Juventus. Ronaldo is heading to Juventus for £99.2. I am pretty sure my math says that this is a lot of dough. And yet I’m told this is a pay cut for Ronaldo, WOW. Even though the World Cup has yet to conclude, the biggest news in the world of soccer and even sports is this right here, so that is why we are here to break it.


Cristiano Ronaldo could be the best soccer player to ever lace up the cleats and put them on and run on the field and play soccer. I mean what I know it is either him or Messi, and from soccer watching experts that I have talked to, Ronaldo is now THE guy. For example, for the 2017-18 season, Ronaldo played a total of 48 games and scored 48 goals. I’m pretty sure, in the sport that it seems REALLY difficult to score more than twice for a single team in one game, that is unreal. Again, I am not the biggest soccer person, we know this, but I can completely recognize and appreciate talent. And what Ronaldo brings to the table is being one of the best athletes of all-time. Watching the World Cup this season has brought me much more appreciation for the sport of soccer and the big-time players who participate.


From what I understand, the most dominant team in Italy has won seven straight Serie A titles, which is the top of the Italian football system. They lost the Champions League Final in 2017 to Ronaldo’s former team of Real Madrid, in which he helped beat his now current team. Trying to understand all these leagues and championships is not simple for me, but what I am figuring out is that Juventus simply may be the top team in the world now that they have added Ronaldo to their already dominant team.


CR7, as Ronaldo loves to go by, is officially on his way to Italy to dominate, and more than likely, finish out his career there. From everything I do not completely know about the world of FIFA except that there are so many leagues that I cannot understand, but what I have learned from my recent attention to the world of soccer, Juventus is filthy, soccer is pretty awesome and fun to watch, especially when it is the leagues that matter, and I may even say I am slowly becoming a fan of the sport. With the World Cup about to finish up and powers shifting in the sport, it seems that soccer is at it’s peak in my eyes.


Soccer may have to replace basketball as my 4th sport, considering the NBA STINKS and soccer is pretty cool if I do say so myself. But hey, biggest news in the sports world today is Juventus getting the best in the world in Ronaldo, and while this hurts the El Clasico a bit due to the Messi vs Ronaldo match up being gone, it is still an exciting day in the world of this sport.


Alright soccer fans, what do you guys think? Was it a good move for the sport? Do you like the idea of Ronaldo with Juventus? Or do you wish he stayed put/went to another club?


Let me know!


-Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports

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