Could the Red Sox Land J.T. Realmuto?

The Marlins engineered an almost full rebuild this off-season. I say almost because they trapped All-Star Catcher J.T. Realmuto in Miami. I do not know what the 27-year-old backstop did to deserve such a punishment, but it is time for his misery to end. While Realmuto is still in his prime, the Marlins are nowhere near being ready to compete while J.T. could still be a contributing factor. His contract is up after the 2020 season, the Marlins won’t be anywhere near competitive by then so there is no need to harbor him. Realmuto is one of the most overlooked players in the game and deserves the national spotlight as well as a chance to contend for a ring.


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J.T. Throws an Absolute Seed as Dietrich almost Ruins it For Him Because the Marlins are a Complete Garbage Organization


J.T. Realmuto has been one of the most productive catchers in the league over the last few seasons and has continued to show his offensive prowess in 2018. Realmuto is hitting .317 (1st among Catchers), with 12 HRs (T-5th among Catchers) and 44 RBIs (4th among Catchers). His .919 OPS leads all Catchers by .086 points. Realmuto is the best offensive Catcher in baseball right now and would be a huge upgrade over the Red Sox .602 OPS out of the Catcher position, ranked 27th best in baseball. Vasquez will be sidelined 6-8 weeks with a fractured finger leaving Sandy Leon and Blake Swihart behind the dish. Leon is a phenomenal defensive catcher with a streaky bat that is quite serviceable as the backup Catcher. Swihart would go back to his utility role that renders him essentially useless.

Realmuto is not known for his defensive capabilities but has thrown out 49% of base-stealers over his career and is a solid backstop. His abilities with the bat in his hand far out-weight what Vasquez and Leon can do with their glove’s. J.T. is exactly what Swihart was supposed to develop into as a prospect, maybe they could move Swihart as part of the deal. As long Dombrowski keeps everyone of the active roster (minus Swihart or Nunez), the 2018 Draft Class and Jay Groome I would approve of the deal. They can have Michael Chavis and whatever PED’s he brings with him. They sure could use it in Miami.


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Realmuto Hitting a BOMB


Houston could be a thorn in Boston’s side in this negotiation as they are also looking to upgrade at Catcher with Brian McCann on the shelf. I’d appreciate it if we could a least beat the Stros off the field as we made it clear last fall that doing so on the field is no guarantee.

There is no player I would rather see come to the Boston Red Sox via trade than J.T. Realmuto. Unless we could swing Mike Trout while maintaining our current roster construction, that would be cool, I’d even be willing to throw in Groome.

Scott Neville – Head Baseball Writer – WTF Sports

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