WTF is up with Erik Karlsson?

WTF is up with Erik Karlsson?

Last week, it was reported that Superstar Defenseman Erik Karlsson was on his way out of Ottawa in a trade where he would be sent to the Tampa Bay Lightning:

Well, today is July 9th, and from all accounts, Karlsson is still an Ottawa Senator. It makes me ask, WTF is happening with Karlsson? The situation has seemingly went silent since someone reported that the Karlsson-to-Tampa deal was not true at that time. And I feel Karlsson is way to under appreciated in this situation. Once the 2017-18 season ended, all the talk and hype was about John Tavares. And deservingly so, he was the free agent and could pick wherever he wanted. However, many have felt and known for a while that Karlsson is on his way OUT of Ottawa. It almost happened at the Trade Deadline, but the Senators held back, hoping for an opportunity to rekindle and keep him for the future.

Well, clearly that is not the case. The Senators offered Karlsson a contract of 8 years for $80 million, which is simple math for our viewers, the smartest in the world, of an annual average of $10 M per season. And guess what, Karlsson declined. Some may say, “WTF is he thinking?” Well I feel it is pretty simple. Ottawa is going nowhere, and in no reason should his prime be wasted on that team. Karlsson is a superstar for a reason. He just watched Drew Doughty receive an 8 year deal that will net him an annual average of around 11 million per deal. In no way does he want nothing less, he deserves nothing less.

Erik Karlsson is the player that is better than your favorite player. Unless your favorite player in all of hockey is Crosby, McDavid, or Doughty, your favorite player is not better than what Erik Karlsson is. Just two seasons ago, I watched Karlsson bring the Senators to the Eastern Conference Finals. Yes, the same team that stunk it up badly all of last year and was essentially non existent. And he did all of that with two hairline fractures in his left heel. I watched him single handedly at times during that series in the 2016-17 playoffs against the Bruins dominate, make his team so much better than they really were. So many peoples favorite Player is PK Subban, who is great and all, love the guy, great player, but Erik Karlsson is THAT much better than him. As I said, he only trails three guys as being the best in the league in my eyes. And now we are just waiting to see where he lands.

As one can see, Karlsson heading to Tampa isn’t the best in my eyes because I am a Bruins fan. But as a Karlsson fan, I would like to see where the leagues best offensive defenseman heads. And to put into perspective for fans who may just watch the Bruins. You love Torey Krug probably right? Love how he is on the offensive side of the puck? Well Karlsson is that and then some. I’m here to not only ask what is up with Karlsson, but make people realize why him moving should be such a bigger deal than it seems. The player that is overlooked the most because he plays in Ottawa must become the player everyone recognizes. It’s the best chance at making the NHL bigger, along with the players themselves.

Now let me play a quick game before I finish this up. I’m going to name a defenseman that people probably love and answer if he’s better than Erik Karlsson or not. Ready? Victor Hedman. Nope. PK Subban. Nope. Kris Letang. Nope. Shea Weber. Nope. Ryan Suter. Nope. Drew Doughty. Yes.

Look at that, only one player you can say is better than Karlsson, and that’s just because Doughty is out of this world on defense, but I’d still contest that Karlsson could be considered better, as he brings a better offensive prowess. But as a hockey fan, I feel Doughty is better but a slight margin.

The 2-Time Norris Trophy winner, 4-Time All-Star has put up point totals of 71, 74, 78, and 82. As a defenseman in hockey nowadays, that is unheard of. He has led the entire NHL in assists before in his career (2015-2016 season). He has the ability to consistently average over 25 minutes a night, and has a chance to dramatically change a team when they acquire his talents. His natural speed, shifty ness, and playmaking ability makes him that’s special forever acquires him.

All in all, I am just waiting to see where Karlsson ends up. Looks to still be the Lightning, but the fact that it hasn’t happened yet raises a few questions of simply what is happening. As a fan, I just hope Erik Karlsson ends up somewhere that his talents are appreciated.


What do you think? Where do you think Erik Karlsson will go? Where do you think he ranks in the NHL? Let me know!

  • Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports

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