Alright everyone, here at WTF Sports, we are starting this movement along with the Red Sox.


Vote. For. Benny. NOW.


If Andrew Benintendi doesn’t make it to the All-Star game after his first half this season, disappointment will enter the hearts of many. Benintendi has had his best year so far by a lot and it is a damn shame no one is talking about it. Probably because the girls are sour he has a girl friend and all people in the world are complaining he is no longer “Benny with the Good Hair” … (see pic below to understand what we mean)

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees

But dammit, Benny should be in the All-Star game and I will not stand for anything less. With statistics of a .293 BA, 14 Benny Dongs, 55 Ribbys (RBIs), 16 stolen bases, probably has been thrown out a biiiit too much, and a fantastic OPS of .894, Benny Big Boy needs to be in that All-Star game.


If you were wondering how, here is the link: https://www.mlb.com/all-star/final-vote


All you MUST do is give Benintendi that vote. No one deserves it more. If Stanton somehow gets it with 4,000 Strikeouts, we will have a real problem.


So, go, stop wasting your time reading this, BENNY NEEDS YOU!!!


This was sponsored by Around the Diamond, scheduled to make it’s dramatic return late July.




– Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports

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