How to Set Up a Fantasy Football League The Right Way

Starting up a Fantasy Football league is not as easy as it used to be. There are a ton of rules and formats to decide on. Here is everything you need to know to set up the best fantasy league possible.

What Website Should I Use?

ESPN and NFL Network are the most common options for Fantasy Football and the easiest to get league members to join. NFL Network the easiest to set up on a mobile device.

How Many People Should Be in the League?

You need at least 8 for a quality league. 10 is ideal and 12 would be the best-case scenario.

Standard Scoring or PPR?

Neither, the best format of scoring is Half Point Per Reception. Make sure instead of one point per reception it says 0.5. This is the best way to balance Running Backs and Wide Receivers. In Standard scoring RBs are overpowered and in Full Point PPR WRs are overpowered.

What Waiver Type Should I Use?

I feel like this is where a lot of leagues could have more fun and choose not to. Almost every league still uses the standard waiver settings that are based on standings or waiver order. Using Waiver Acquisition Budget or FAAB depending on the site is the best way to go. This is a format where each team gets a budget, typically $100 to bid on waiver wire pick-ups. Teams have to manage their budget throughout the season which allows for people to sign free agents based on investment. If your QB just went down and you need to grab Marcus Mariota on the waiver wire you should not be snubbed because someone lost last week and is higher on the waiver order. With FAAB you would bid $5 on a player and if your opponent only bids $3 you get the player and have $95 for the rest of the season; the losing bidder is not penalized so he would still have $100.

Should I Have Max Adds or Trades?

Absolutely not, less transactions means less activity and entertainment.

Should I use Fractional Points?


Best App to Get an Edge Over My Opponents?

Sleeperbot gives the best breaking news and has the ability to create leagues as well with more advanced players.

When Should Playoffs End?

Week 16. NFL Teams sit their stars on Week 17 and ruin leagues. Imagine having David Johnson lead your team all the way to the championship and then find out the Cardinals decided to sit him because they snuck into a Wild Card Game and need him healthy. Week 17 Championship Games ruin the entire point of the league.

If you have any comments or questions leave them in the comments, or on Twitter/Facebook, I’d love to hear your feedback.

Scott Neville – Self Proclaimed Football Guy – WTF Sports

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