Edwards’ 10-Team 5 Round Fantasy PPR Mock Draft 1.0

Edwards’ 10-Team 5 Round Fantasy PPR Mock Draft 1.0

Hello all, and welcome to the first addition of my 10 Team, 5 Round Fantasy Football PPR Mock Draft. Here I make picks for ten separate teams, discussing what I think of each pick, and making each team fill needs through five rounds with players on the board. For the first round I discuss why I think these picks must happen where they do to make a good draft, and hopefully help you for your future drafts. Enjoy!

1st Round

1. RB Le’Veon Bell, Team 1

Lots of fear comes in the first round, as everyone feels the need to avoid the flop. Especially with pick number one. While you can look at Todd Gurley from last season and think you cannot pass that up again, you may want to go for the safest pick out of the RBs in the first round. Le’Veon Bell is the one that you know will get all the touches you can expect. Last season, he scored 341.6 points last season, carrying the ball a league lead 321 times for 1291 yards, while catching 85 balls for 655 yards. He added on 11 total TDs, resulting in yet another fantastic season, giving him the edge to be the first overall pick due to consistency. I expect Bell to be the center of the Steelers offense once again, with his numbers to only improve this season.

2. RB Todd Gurley, Team 2gettyimages-873383972-1440x960
The player on the most Fantasy winning teams last season is Todd Gurley. Gurley went above and beyond the ADP he held last season, being the best overall player in all of fantasy football. In most drafts this season, Gurley is expected to go number one overall after his breakout season, however, I feel the need to go against the grain due to worries of so many hands to feed in Los Angeles this season. While I fully expect Gurley to be the bell cow once again of the Rams, I do feel he should be going second to see if he can prove consistency after his career year. Gurley scored a whopping 383.3 PPR points last season, rushing for 1305 yards, 13 (!) TDs adding on to his great receiving stats of 64 REC for 788 yards and 6 REC TDs. Gurley will go top two in all drafts.

3. WR Antonio Brown, Team 3usa_today_10441155-0
A lot of people are going RB early, understandably so. However, Antonio Brown may be the only WR that can win you games every single week. With Big Ben at the helm once again for the Steelers, it is hard to go against the grain and avoid Brown much longer than we have already. He is far and away the most consistent player in fantasy for the past five seasons. Antonio Brown essentially missed three games last season and still finished ahead of the entire rest of the WR field with 310.3 PPR points. Being almost a sure-fire candidate for 100+ catches every season and over 1500+ yards, he is the sure fire, safest pick of the entire draft.

4. RB Ezekiel Elliott, Team 4usa_today_10518051-0
Last season, going into fantasy drafts, the talk was all about Ezekiel Elliott and his suspension. He went from being top three in drafts to falling to the second round and even later because of fear of his suspension. However, he got to start his season Week One and owners were thrilled to think they stole Elliott from everyone else and got two first round picks in their draft. However, he ended up screwing people in the end, being out for two weeks of the Fantasy Playoffs serving his suspension. Elliott now is a free man who can play the entire season with nothing to worry about, meaning his stock is back at the top. He feels to be the forgotten man going into Fantasy Draft’s this season. Elliott has all the tools to be the first pick in the draft, and he will look to prove drafters right when he is now the best option in the Dallas offense by a lot, with Witten and Dez leaving.

5. RB David Johnson, Team 5david-johnson
The best overall player in the 2016 Fantasy Football season will make his return this season after breaking his wrist Week 1 last season and missing the rest of the season because of it. David Johnson wants to be a 1,000/1,000 guy, which he came incredibly close to doing in 2016. Johnson will look to bounce back this season and is projected an early first round pick for the 2018 drafts. Personally, I have him fall to five here because of the situation he is in. He has a brand-new offense around him, including a new Head Coach and Quarterback. If it is Sam Bradford or Josh Rosen, it is still a completely new system that should revolve around Johnson, but we do not know. Regardless, knowing what he can do means that he remains in the top five of all drafts.

6. RB Alvin Kamara, Team 6gettyimages-867845072-1440x952
In a ton of rankings, most people have rookie RB Saquon Barkley over Alvin Kamara and I will not stand for that. Why? Kamara was winning everyone their championships if he didn’t get hurt in the first week of the playoffs on the first drive. He did not have a main role on the offense until week 4 when he lit the world on fire. Kamara finished with 320.4 PPR points on the season, being a rushing threat, and even more, a receiving threat all season long. He became the safe net for Drew Brees last season, getting 81 receptions that he turned into 826 yards. And with Mark Ingram suspended for the first four games of the season, it only makes Kamara more valuable.

7. RB Saquon Barkley, Team 7david-gettleman-claims-analytics-supporting-rb-devaluation-are-_nonsense_-_a-crock_
The best all-around RB coming out of the draft in what it feels to be years. Barkley is now placed in an offense that could be among the best in the entire league. Barkley will be the bell cow of an offense that has been needing a RB for years, and improving their offensive line was all apart of the plan. I see big things in the future of Barkley clearly, as like a lot of fantasy analysts I have him going first round. Positioning him at pick number seven seems like the earliest it should be.

8. WR DeAndre Hopkins, Team 810513867
Well would you look what happens when you give DeAndre Hopkins a QB? He delivers. Hopkins proved last season more than ever that he doesn’t need a great QB to be one of the best in football, but what he does need is DeShaun Watson to be totally out of this world. That combo became one of the most fun parts of football for a few weeks there. He finished with 309.8 PPR points, 2nd best among WRs and can only get better with Watson healthy. He is worthy of your first-round selection.

9. RB Kareem Hunt, Team 9kareem_hunt_top-0
I am going to stress how important RBs are this season with this one. As one to lose hope in Hunt at times last season, he was still the NFL’s leading rusher when it was all said and done. Hunt stormed onto the scene with the Chiefs last season when Spencer Ware went down with injury in the preseason. After the first few weeks, Hunt started to struggle a little, in the idea that he was not scoring TDs. Now in a new offense under a new QB, I can see Hunt bouncing back and being the top option in the run game once again. With a year under his belt, Andy Reid will make sure to utilize Hunt to his potential once again.

10. WR Keenan Allen, Team 10usa_today_10426241-0
Like him or hate him, Keenan Allen is one of the best WR when healthy every time he takes the field. The 2015 and 2016 seasons were tough on Keenan Allen, as he had season ending injuries in both, and yet he delivered every time he was on the field. In 2017, when health was on his side, he impressed the masses with multiple big games down the stretch. From Week 11 to Week 17, no other receiver duplicated what he did. Now coming into a season where he is as fresh as can be, Allen looks to have an even bigger season as the overall WR3 this season.

Round 2

11. RB Dalvin Cook, Team 10
12. WR Odell Beckham Jr, Team 9
13. RB Melvin Gordon, Team 8
14. WR Michael Thomas, Team 7
15. RB Leonard Fournette, Team 6
16. WR Julio Jones, Team 5
17. WR AJ Green, Team 4
18. RB Christian McCaffrey, Team 3
19. WR Davante Adams, Team 2
20. WR Adam Thielen, Team 1

Recap: For round 2, a lot of picks standout that could very well go in the first round. The value of a healthy Odell Beckham Jr. at 12th could pan out very well. I could see him going before Keenan Allen in a lot of drafts. Odell has always had the ability, thinking back to his rookie year and how he came out of nowhere to be the best. This could be the latest he goes the rest of his career. Also like the idea of getting McCaffrey at 18, pairing him with Antonio Brown sounds like a team that will thrive in PPR situations. On to round three.

Round 3

21. RB LeSean McCoy, Team 1
22. RB Devonta Freeman, Team 2
23. TE Rob Gronkowski, Team 3
24. WR TY Hilton, Team 4
25. WR Mike Evans, Team 5
26. WR Doug Baldwin, Team 6
27. TE Travis Kelce, Team 7
28. RB Jerick McKinnon, Team 8
29. TE Zach Ertz, Team 9
30. WR Tyreek Hill, Team 10

Recap: The WR with most potential in this round is Hilton. As Andrew Luck begins his return back to the gridiron, TY Hilton will be the one who can celebrate, as he is a completely different player when he has Luck passing to him. Expecting him to bounce back huge this season. Other picks I like in this round is Baldwin, Kelce, and McKinnon.

Round 4

31. RB Jordan Howard, Team 10
32. WR Larry Fitzgerald, Team 9
33. WR Demaryius Thomas, Team 8
34. WR Stefon Diggs, Team 7
35. WR Josh Gordon, Team 6
36. RB Joe Mixon, Team 5
37. RB Kenyan Drake, Team 4
38. WR Allen Robinson, Team 3
39. WR Golden Tate, Team 2
40. WR Alshon Jeffrey, Team 1

Round 5

41. QB Aaron Rodgers, Team 1
42. WR JuJu Smith Schuster, Team 2
43. RB Rashaad Penny, Team 3
44. WR Amari Cooper, Team 4
45. QB Tom Brady, Team 5
46. WR Jarvis Landry, Team 6
47. RB Derrius Guice, Team 7
48. RB Alex Collins, Team 8
49. RB Jay Ajayi, Team 9
50. WR Robert Woods, Team 10

Results –
Team 1: RB Bell, WR Thielen, RB, McCoy, WR Jeffrey, QB Rodgers
Team 2: RB Gurley, WR Adams, RB D. Freeman, WR Tate, WR Smith-Schuster
Team 3: WR Brown, RB McCaffrey, TE Gronkowski, WR Robinson, RB Penny
Team 4: RB Elliott, WR Green, WR Hilton, RB Drake, WR Cooper
Team 5: RB D. Johnson, WR Jones, WR Evans, RB Mixon, QB Brady
Team 6: RB Kamara, RB Fournette, WR Baldwin, WR Gordon, WR Landry
Team 7: RB Barkley, WR M. Thomas, TE Kelce, WR Diggs, RB Guice
Team 8: WR Hopkins, RB Gordon, RB McKinnon, WR D. Thomas, RB Collins
Team 9: RB Hunt, WR Beckham Jr, TE Ertz, WR Fitzgerald, RB Ajayi
Team 10: WR Allen, RB Cook, WR T. Hill, RB Howard, WR Woods

Mock Draft Recap – So, which team is your favorite out of the mix? First time doing a one-person mock, took some time to remember but I feel this is how most drafts may go this season with this mix of players. The teams that stand out to me the most are Team 5 and 6, as for once having the middle picks turned out well in this case. The rookie RBs not named Barkley began to sneak into this draft around Round 5, and that’s where I expect them to be until reports from Training Camp come out and we can get a real sense of who will be important to each roster.

So, who was your favorite team? Who was your worst? Where would you like to pick? Let me know!

– Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports

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