Knockout Empire – Cormier Reigns

Knockout Empire – Cormier Reigns / Lesnar Returns

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UFC 226 was proclaimed as the card of the “Superfight” between longest reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion, Stipe Miocic and UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Cormier for the Heavyweight strap. Cormier, 20-1 1 NC, went going into this contest 13-0 in Heavyweight fights. However, Miocic had a UFC record four straight heavyweight championship victories, which breaks the previous record held by former champion Brock Lesnar. So, going into this fight, everything was on the line for Miocic, trying to place himself as the best heavyweight ever. This fight brought all the stories into it, the unbeatable champion Miocic, the most dominant wrestler to do it in Cormier, plus the fact that it is Champion vs Champion, it was promised to be a memorable night.


The challenger Cormier came out to a fantastic reaction from the Vegas crowd as he made his way to the Octagon. Followed was the champion Miocic. And with both men in the Octagon, it was TIME for the Main Event of the evening. After a show so far, that had lost it original co-Main, replaced by an awful fight between Francis Ngannou and Derrick Lewis which included Ngannou only connecting with nine (yes, 9) total strikes in a losing decision for him. For what was a disappointing co, came a purely entertaining main and post-fight.


Finally, after Bruce Buffer introduced the two men, the Super Fight was on. Miocic came out throwing early, including scoring a take down and at times it looked as if Cormier could be overmatched early. Miocic was using his fists early and often, but Cormier was throwing back. With the wrestler that Cormier is and how much more experienced he is compared to, well, anybody really, I was ready to watch Cormier wait it out and beat him down in the later rounds. Psych, instead on a clinch, Cormier connected with a punch, knocking Stipe to the floor and finishing him by TKO, becoming the second ever UFC Double-Champion.


The smile on Cormier, almost 12 months to the day that he was seen crying in the octagon after a bout with Jon Jones that saw him on take defeat once again (later overturned), was all fans could be happy to see. And right before he went to the ref to get his hand raised, he was yelling out the cage to someone. Once his hand was raised, he went to speak with Rogan, which resulted with him taking the mic, and calling out Brock Lesnar. Yes, that Brock Lesnar… the former UFC Heavyweight Champion, NCAA Division 1 Champion, and well-known WWE performer. Lesnar, there in attendance, ran right into the ring and shoved Cormier back, powerful enough to almost knock him down. What followed was Rogan putting the mic to Lesnar, asking him what he thought about the challenge. How did Lesnar respond? Like you would expect – “I’m coming for you, motherf*cker”. And just like that, we may know what is happening, thanks to Jeremy Botter on his twitter:


So there you have it, after a few PPVs without that big fight feel, we received that with the Main Event of UFC 226, and even better, we will be getting one come this November in Madison Square Garden.


Hope you enjoyed reading, please feel free to share, like, comment, and even give a prediction on the possible Lesnar vs Cormier bout.


Alright, I’m out, congrats to Daniel Cormier on the accomplishment, getting to 21-1 and possibly cementing himself as the best to ever do it.


  • Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports

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