Is Demarcus Cousins better than Zaza Pachulia?

34-year-old Center Zaza Pachulia signed a one-year, $2.4 million deal with the Detroit Pistons. This means that the two-time NBA Champion will not be returning to Golden State. This raises the question that will be the next great debate in sports: Demarcus Cousins or Zaza Pachulia. Some fans would argue that Cousins is better because he is a Four-Time All-Star and Two-Time All-NBA Center. I’m here to tell you that those people are stupid.

Zaza Pachulia is a champion. He has two championships with Golden State (2016-2017, 2017-2018), became a Turkish League Champion in 2003, was the Turkish Cup Winner in 2003, and won something called the Turkish Presidential Cup three times (2001-2003). Plus, he is married which puts him at eight rings. Bill Russell (11) and Sam Jones (10) are the only players in NBA History with more rings.

Cousins and Pachulia are a lot more similar than people realize. First of all, they are both southerners. Cousins is from Alabama, while Pachulia is right next door coming from the country of Georgia. They also play the same position, what are the odds of that? Cousins has a torn ACL and will not return until December at the earliest, Pachulia is ready to go right now. The best ability is availability according to sources. That said, Cousins averaging way more points, rebounds, and assists per game is negated. In conclusion, I should stick to baseball.

Scott Neville – Head Baseball Writer for a reason – WTF Sports

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