The Bruins are on Top of the Eastern Conference

Doubted, Forgotten, Overlooked, Disrespected. For the first time what feels like forever, the Boston Bruins are the top team in the entire Eastern Conference. In a epic game between the Bruins and the Lightning, the Bruins managed to get a huge win to put them one point ahead of the Tampa Bay Lightning for the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference. The Bruins now have one game on the Lightning and a single point lead, making Boston a complete Hockey Town. When the Bruins are even sniffing the playoffs, Boston becomes electric. And now with the Bruins being a team to beat in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Boston faithful want the cup.

“WE WANT THE CUP” rang through the Garden air tonight as the Bruins grinded out yet another season defining victory. You can feel the positivity that this team gives off, what this team does for a city, its fans. To understand what it does to fans, you really can only be a true fan of this team. It is a special team that was doubted since the beginning. I suppose you all saw the video from the Bruins that involved Michael Felger counting them out, but if not, here:

(credit to the Boston Bruins for all content)

Doubted because they’re too young, forgotten because no one believed, overlooked because they don’t have the national fame, disrespected from it all. They look to prove the haters wrong and prove the fanatics right.

The Boston Bruins are officially in first place of not just their division, but the entire conference. Believe. In. This. Team.

It is in our blood. Bleed Black and Gold.

The Playoffs are coming.

Let’s get it.

– Scott Edwards, The Creator of WTF Sports Nation

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