Is this the beginning end for Haslam, Jackson, and Kizer in Cleveland?

After an amazing season complete for the Cleveland Browns, going a historic 0-16, people are questioning if the legendary trio of Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, head coach Hue Jackson, and star QB Deshone Kizer is coming to an end. The problem has begun to escalate behind the scenes, leading people to really wonder, is this legacy over?

KIZER, the 52nd overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, had a compelling rookie season. In his 15 starts, the rookie and now bona fide star threw for 2,894 yards, 11 TD, and 22 INT. He also carried a rating of 60.5, and on passes outside of the pocket, a 0.0. Big stuff here, and it would be crazy to think. But a video spread around the football world when a slightly angered Hue Jackson said to his rookie QB, “Deshone, you missed him by 10 feet.” People were alarmed, thinking, how could someone say that to their beloved QB in Cleveland. Kizer responded, “I know coach, I’m pretty good, huh?”. This got people stirring, wondering what if this was the beginning of the end for the Browns Dynasty.


THE BROWNS ARE in uncharted territory, as no one has sucked this bad for so long. They haven’t just lost every game this year, but have a combined record of 1-31 under head coach Hue Jackson. Some would say, that is legendary in itself. But, it seems they have been able to hide the bad, and have continued they’re legendary stretch of no good QBs, until Kizer. Where can they go now, with Haslam on the fence on keeping Hue Jackson on the sidelines for another year, and if Jackson stays, possibly being done with the inflated ego that Kizer has after the dazzling rookie season. With this threat, it is possible it all comes crashing down from one spot; from within.

THE CRACKS FIRST showed when on October 11, 2017 Jackson announced that he would be benching star rookie Deshone Kizer for QB Kevin Hogan. This made waves around the NFL, with people asking, why did it take so long? Do people actually think Kizer can improve with two sticks as WRs? Haslam was for sure Kizer, like McCoy and Manziel and Weeden and Quinn and so forth would be heir to the throne, the superstar they needed. Which clearly, he is. So Haslam considered a coaching change all year, just to try and save Kizer from being benched again, but this dynamic trio was able to fight off the distain for each other, channel their egos, and now there comes more questions.

AFTER BEING THE second ever team to go 0-16 on a season, the Cleveland Browns will have the first overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, and with names like Darnold and Rosen on the board at QB, it may finally be the end of this duo in Cleveland. Cleveland contains two picks in the top 5, after trading one of theirs last year to the Houston Texans in a pick that turned out to be QB Deshaun Watson. Now, they have a chance at picking a brand new QB. This situation almost reminds me of the Colts situation the year Peyton Manning missed the whole season, a seasoned Hall of Fame type QB in Kizer just sitting their on your team, but the potential to get the next big thing with the first overall pick may be a better idea. My sources tell me Hue Jackson’s plan is to do so, so now we may have say goodbye, just so soon, to the trio that will forever be remembered in Cleveland of Haslam, Jackson, and Kizer. Forever will go down as a legacy, and we will see if the Cleveland Brown Dynasty can survive such a big fall.


My thoughts: Of course this is all crap and completely making fun of ESPN’s stupid claim that Kraft/Belichick/Brady is fed up and ending. The guy who wrote it is an idiot, the company that he works for continues to try and tarnish the team that continues to be the ELITE of the entire NFL and possibly all of sports. They are falling behind in everything, letting go so many employees and essentially on there way to the bottom, so the only time they ever have success is to do something likes this. Go ahead, do it. I will see you at the god damn Super Bowl parade when Kraft, Bill and Brady are celebrating like it is the first. Shut up and talk about sports for once, you disgrace of a company.


Please feel free to share this wonderful article that is all comedy based for your enjoyment!

-Scott Edwards, The Creator of WTF Sports Nation

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