Heartbreaker – Stud QB Deshaun Watson goes down with Torn ACL.

In a shocker, the Houston Texans announced today that QB Deshaun Watson tore his ACL in practice today, showing that the injury bug sucks more than ever this year. Watson became a complete game changer, bringing the former running abilities of Colin Kaepernick and the gun slinging expertise of Matthew Stafford into one persona known as QB Deshaun Watson. Making the entire Texans team have hope, Houston see and believe that they finally have the QB, and at least for this season, that ends in brutal fashion. What this injury leaves is questions, curiousness, and sadness throughout the NFL and sports world. As a fan of football and of what Watson has done for the league in just 6 ½ games is nothing to sleep on, let’s look.

In his first 6 ½ games of his young NFL career, Watson has been a offensive, fantasy football juggernaut. Watson posted 1,699 passing yards, 19 pass TDs (which is a record for first 7 games and also leading the league), 269 rushing yards, and 2 rushing TDs. He managed to post a 103.0 passer rating which is also among the most in the NFL. Not only did he dominate throughout the season, but he put on shows on the national stage multiple times. He just had a shootout with Russell Wilson, which was one for the record books with both throwing over 400 yards, respectively.

This NFL season has taken a lot of stars from the game of football for the season, and Watson is just another one to go. What may hurt most about this one is after putting up such an incredible game, the injury occurred in practice. This will be the second ACL injury for Watson in his football career, but thankfully it is the opposite leg this time. Yes, not great, special news, but it is something. This will be another huge blow to Houston, losing maybe their two best players now in Watson and JJ Watt earlier in the season. As a football fan, you hope and pray both comeback at their best.

A day after the Houston Astros win the World Series, the Houston faithful cannot fully celebrate after this result. They will look to next year, as the Houston Texans will only be better once everyone is fully healthy. A week of news worthy football news, this was the worst of them all, and as a football community we can only hope for a complete, healthy Watson to return sometime next season.

*Editors Note: If we can avoid losing a star-studded two-way QB like Robert Griffin III once was, I would truly appreciate it. Captivating and so exciting to witness both players when once healthy.

So we wish Deshaun Watson a healthy recovery, and hope that he can once again return to this form that we have been able to witness and enjoy during this 2017 season.

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– Scott Edwards, The Creator of WTF Sports

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